Field accommodation, water purification and a grenade launcher among completed Armscor projects


Armscor, according to its latest annual report, successfully completed six projects and sub-projects, notwithstanding “severe delays in deliveries” as well as contract execution “disruptions” with COVID-19 the culprit.

The report lists the 40 mm grenade launcher and four systems. They are for mass field feeding, providing field accommodation, building roads and purifying and bottling water. No other deliveries – either completed or partial – are listed.

The multi-shot grenade launcher project was completed with delivery of “the full requirement of the weapon” to the Special Forces Brigade and system formally handed to the Chief of the SA Army in October 2020. This was for Milkor’s Y4 six-shot grenade launcher, which was delivered under Project Kamogelo. A total of 370 medium velocity grenade launchers were acquired, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition from Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM).

SA National Defence Force (SANDF) requirements for 50 and 200 man kitchens, as well as mess facilities were delivered and completed with the first transport trailers delivered to the SA Army, the primary user of the new feeding system. The rest of the transport trailers will be delivered during the 2021/22 financial year, the report states.

These were supplied under Project Teamster, which is replacing the mobile field kitchen capability of the SANDF with more modern diesel-fired technology. OTT Solutions and Desert Wolf were awarded the first phase of Teamster, for 15 person field cooking units, in early 2016. In 2017 Saab was awarded a contract to deliver a Mass Field Feeding Capability over a two-year period under the next phase of Project Teamster. This comprises 24 x 50-man systems and 11 x 200-man systems. The 200-man system consists of a fully equipped Expandable Kitchen Unit, a Reefer Unit, for cold storage of rations, Utility Unit, to accommodate potable water, diesel and waste water and a Storage Unit. The 50-man system consists of a fully equipped expandable unit and bladders to handle potable and waste water. RCS Weatherhaven and Cambro are also supplying components of Project Teamster.

Another landward force system, this one to provide infield accommodation for troops is, the report has it, “nearing completion”. In the period under review the “full requirement of small, medium and large accommodation and amenities tents, vehicle tents, and ablution and shower facilities” were delivered. Armscor expects the project to be completed in the 2021/22 financial year. Project Swatch was implemented to improve living conditions of soldiers during operations.

The Engineer Formation of the SA Army, widely known as the Sappers, are now able to build roads for use by wheeled military vehicles using construction and earthmoving equipment acquired by Armscor. The project (believed to be Project Pantile) saw the defence and security acquisition agency complete sub-project deliverables including truck-tractors, lowbed semi-trailers as well as truck-tractor and trailer units in the period under review.

A mobile system to purify and bottle water was completed with “delivery of the total requirement for mobile water purifier and the system handed” to CArmy in March. This is believed to be Project Blesbok for a Water Provisioning System (WPS). In May 2011, the South African Army awarded black empowerment company Malutsa a contract for custom mobile water purification plants to replace legacy systems and which are able to purify all types of ground water as well as sea water. The contract includes collapsible water tanks, water transfer pumps, water extraction systems, Water Bottling Plants, Water Sachet Plants and Mobile Water Purification Systems.

Fire and rescue vehicles for the SA Air Force (SAAF) is the last of the listed projects in the latest Armscor annual report. No details of numbers are given with the report noting the project’s completion as “delivery of the full requirement for medium crash tenders”. This is most likely Project Bandsman, which saw existing vehicles upgraded and several dozen new vehicles acquired: Marce supplied hazmat vehicles and Rhino crash tenders to the SAAF.