Ex Vuk’uhlome II set for November – Army Month in SA


The SA Army’s flagship exercise and the only one at division level was held last year for the first time and planning for the second Exercise Vuk’uhlome is advanced and proceeding well.

This year’s exercise will again take place at the Combat Training Centre (CTC) in the Northern Cape on an as yet unspecified date in November and was a major agenda item at “two high profile meetings” at the premier SA Army training area this month (June).

“The Vuk’uhlome meeting and the army command cadre special meeting was attended by, among others, Deputy Chief Army Major General Monwabisi Dyakopu, Chief Directors of SA Army directorates and General Officers Commanding of formations and brigades along with their warrant officers. Representatives from other SA National Defence Force (SANDF) services and Divisions as well as the SA Police Service (SAPS) also attended.

Land force commanders asserted the need for comprehensive discussions on matters including Exercise Vuk’uhlome2023 and give, what SA Army Corporate Communications termed, “unwavering support” for Chief Army’s (Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha’s) visionary endeavours”.

The command cadre conference saw numerous presentations, including the upcoming division level exercise. Agenda items included the commercialisation strategy and non-profit fund relating to bakeries and “other businesses”, Armed Forces Day 2024, SA Army Engineer Construction Brigade, a coffee table book project as well as a “TFM G6” proposal, with no further details.

Preparation for the upcoming annual exercise is set for November – Army Month in the South African military calendar – dominated proceedings. Last year’s exercise saw more than thirteen thousand SA Army personnel at the CTC which “undoubtedly solidified the SA Army position in the SADC region, the entire continent and the global community”, according to Army Corporate Communication.