ELW delivers field kitchens to Burkina Faso


Johannesburg-based ELW Global have delivered ten diesel-fired mobile field kitchens to Burkina Faso’s defence force, in the second contract signed with the West African nation.

ELW Global said each field kitchen has the capacity to feed more than 250 men three meals a day and is completely mobile and can be towed by vehicles and trucks up to 10 tonnes, due to the specially designed adjustable tow bar.

The ten mobile field kitchens were commissioned by the Burkina Faso Defence Force in Ougadougou after manufacture, training and delivery.

“It’s always good to complete a project, especially when it involves inland transport to a landlocked country in West Africa,” ELW Global said. “This is the second time that the BFDF has been supplied with our Field Kitchens. We look forward to continuing our good relationships with our partners throughout the region.”

The Field Kitchen is, along with ELW Global’s mobile Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU), the most popular ELW Global products, with more than 250 of each currently in operation in the harsh environments, principally with United Nationsmissions such as MINUSMA, MONUSCO and AMISOM in Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia respectively.

Other recent ELW Global clients include the Zambian military and the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). For example, in 2017 Zambia received diesel field kitchens and ROWPU units for its army, which has been deployed to the Central African Republic, and the Joint Operations division of the SANDF in 2016 received ROWPU 2K trailers for use in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In addition to supplying directly to a number of UN troop-contributing countries, ELW Global water purification units have been delivered and commissioned in a dozen African countries and the island state of Haiti. This includes Cameroon, which received ROWPU 2K water purification systems for its Rapid Intervention Brigade (BIR).