Egypt getting Lurssen patrol boats


Egypt will be receiving nine Lurssen patrol boats from Germany under a 130 million euro deal after the contract with the original customer, Saudi Arabia, fell through. Egypt will also be getting a single coastal defence boat.

Germany’s Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier sent a letter to the Economic Committee of the Bundestag, seen by the German Press Agency on 2 November, approving the sale of the boats.

A Lurssen spokesperson confirmed the deal to the magazine Europäische Sicherheit und Technik.

Saudi Arabia had ordered 35 vessels from Lurssen around 2013, but by the time Germany imposed an export ban on the country in November 2018 due to its involvement in Yemen and the Jamal Khashoggi affair, Lurssen had delivered 15 and completed another seven. The first TNC 35 was delivered to Saudi Arabia’s Border Guards in November 2016.

The vessels for Egypt are believed to include a single FPB 38 coastal defence boat and nine TNC 35 patrol boats.

According to Lurssen, the TNC 35 vessel is 35 meters long and powered by two diesel engines with a combined output of 7 800 kW, giving a top speed of 40 knots.

The FPB 38 is 38 meters long with a maximum speed of 31 knots. According to Lurssen, the FPB 38 is powered by two diesel engines with a total power of 3 740 kW. Armament is a twin 40 mm cannon and mines.

The Egyptian Navy is also expecting four Meko A200 corvettes from Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), one of which will be built in Egypt. TKMS was also contracted to build four Type 209/1400mod submarines for the Egyptian Navy. Three have been delivered and the fourth will arrive in Egypt either later this year or early 2021.