Disarmament, demobilisation and re-integration training for SANDF at Peace Mission Training Centre


Seventy-seven SA National Defence Force (SANDF) staffers made good use of the facilities and expertise of the Peace Mission Training Centre (PMTC) to boost peacekeeping skills in disarmament, demobilisation and re-integration (DDR).

The 77, made up of 40 from the landward force; 11 from the SA Air Force (SAAF); 10 each from the SA Military Health Service and SA Navy (SAN) along with six Defence Intelligence personnel, spent 10 days at the PMTC on the SA Army College campus in Thaba Tshwane. The course, as reported by SAAF Gymnasium Liaison Officer Captain Takalani Mulaudzi, prepared them for future utilisation by the SANDF in peace missions.

Those attending were “exposed” to modules including concepts, policy and strategy, structures and processes, operations programmes and support, cross-cutting issues, as well as links to other processes. A practical phase formed part of the course with its co-ordinator, Colonel Kubu Litsoane, expressing “satisfaction” on completion.

Major Nhlanhla Masilela, PMTC Directing Staff Officer and an assistant course co-ordinator for the DDR course, said the PMTC derives its curriculum from the Peace Operations Training Institution, the accredited institution for peace mission courses internationally and the United Nations (UN).

“Some operational courses at the PMTC are advanced introduction to peace support operations, staff officers, military observers, sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and gender mainstreaming and many more,” he is reported as saying by Mulaudzi.

Masilela stressed those deployed to mission areas must be flexible during operations, as tasks may vary depending on specifics. “It is advisable to adapt and adjust. You must be able to switch from one task to another,” he told those on course.