Dagga, drugs, counterfeit goods and a firearm in Op Corona December successes


Dagga is not, according to soldiers posted on the South Africa/Zimbabwe border, an often transported illegal commodity. This was shown up by a R1,5 million bust of illicit cigarettes as well as a substantial amount of the illegal substance in December.

4 Artillery Regiment gunners temporarily swopping G4 and G5s for R5s on duty at Swartwater confiscated dagga conservatively valued at R33 750 and handed a suspect to police at the Groblersbridge port of entry.

Five busts in the lead-up to Christmas saw gunners prevent illicit cigarettes worth an estimated R14 million reaching the lucrative and apparently, ever-growing, South African market.

The busts were thanks to alert gunners on duty at Pontdrift, Dongola Ranch, the Musina weighbridge, Male village and Neltox farm.

121 SA Infantry (SAI) Battalion soldiers keeping a weather eye on comings and goings along South Africa’s borders with Eswatini and Mozambique, working with police and private security, nabbed 55 sachets of heroin, confiscated “counterfeit cream”, prevented a stolen vehicle leaving the country and handed five suspects to police.

The heroin with an estimated street value of close to R70 000 was taken from a suspect searched in the Pongola area as part of a multi-disciplinary operation.

Another heroin bust, amount and value not specified, saw soldiers and police stop two “suspicious men”. The ensuing search brought heroin to light and both men were handed to police at Pongola.

A tip-off to a private security company saw police and soldiers confiscate counterfeit goods, found to be “Lemovate” valued at R1 million. A South African man and a Mozambican woman were taken into custody.

Following up on allegations of intimidation in the Emagiqweni area of Ntubane, police and soldiers searched a house occupied by a 49-year-old man. A .38 revolver with serial number removed and six rounds of ammunition were found and confiscated.