Cut in manday allocations will impact Reserve Force


The part-time component of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) – the Reserves – will, along with the regular force, “feel” a 25% cut in manday allocations in line with National Treasury demands.

This opinion comes from the current ranking officer at Defence Reserves – Acting Chief Brigadier General Zoleka Niyabo-Mana.

She informs readers in the latest edition of The Reserve Force Volunteer the Department of Defence (DoD) “as a government department has not escaped the strife that comes with challenges”. The air force one-star identifies these as the COVID-19 pandemic, economic and others including “the unfortunate July uprising”.

Niyabo-Mana has it these contributed to “continuous and consistent budget cuts” imposed on the DoD. This saw “continuous deficits incurred” in the DoD human resource budget.

“Chief Human Resource (Vice Admiral Asiel Kubu) had to reprioritise to meet National Treasury demands, which eventually led to the Reserves mandays cut by 25%.

“The Reserves will feel this cut throughout the department as the Services have now had to adjust their mandays allocation to be in line with the prescribed 25% cut. Throughout these difficult times, the Division [Reserves] will continue emphasising the significance of consistent implementation of the One-Force Concept and support Reserve Force members in any way possible.

“A call is made to all Reserves to always execute all operations and provide service to both the department and the country with the utmost discipline at all times.”

Expanding on what the Defence Reserve Division is doing to assist part-time soldiers to become economically self-sufficient, she writes: “Defence Reserves support boards seek training and development opportunities for Reserves so they can either get alternative employment or be self-sufficient.”

Support of this type is, according to Niyabo-Mana, part of the division’s mandate.