Court wants to know exact amount owing to UASA Denel members


Denel has until Tuesday 12 April to provide the Labour Court with the “exact” amount owing to employees who are members of UASA (United Association of SA).

This was ruled by Judge Hilary Rabkin-Naicker yesterday (Tuesday, 5 April) when the West Rand headquartered trade union sought an urgent court order to access an expected pay-out of R1 billion plus from Denel’s medical benefit trust fund.

UASA’s Abigail Moyo is on record as saying ahead of the court appearance that Denel owes employees “almost R830 million” in unpaid salaries and employee benefits such as medical aid and pension.

Judge Rabkin-Naicker ruled, according to a UASA statement, Denel has to “provide the exact amount of money the company owes to each UASA member in its employ to the court by no later than 12 April”. She further ordered the matter be re-enrolled on the urgent roll for 12 May “for the remainder of the relief sought by UASA to be considered”.

Moyo said UASA could file a supplementary affidavit after “considering” the figures Denel has to give the Labour Court. Denel can file a supplementary answering affidavit.

“The ruling follows an urgent court application brought by UASA against Denel to honour all outstanding contractual obligations and effect payment of full remuneration to UASA members for the period 1 August 2020 to date. The application comes as Denel is expected to receive a pay-out of R1 billion from the Denel Medical (Benefit) Trust Fund in May. Since the R1 billion comprises excess funds from the fund and belongs to workers, it is logical the money be used to pay employees who have been not receiving salaries for a long time.

“UASA will continue its court battle against Denel until all outstanding monies owed to UASA members at Denel are paid. UASA members working for Denel have survived on little to nothing for over two years and it is about time the company starts acting in the best interest of its workers and pays what is due to them,” the UASA statement reads.