Changes coming for Joint Operations badges and flags


Joint Operational headquarters and units it commands is working on new badges and flags for its different headquarters.

Insight into the process to date comes from Chief Warrant Officer Mpeni Koto in the division’s latest newsletter.

In addition to the actual badge and flag design, the process has to be approved by the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) National Heraldry office.

“The process went through all approval steps and most units are at an advanced stage of the procurement process with Free State leading the pack. So far they are the only province to have finalised the process and unveiled their unit flag and badge,” he writes adding number two will be Gauteng “about to do their unveiling”.

“Unit flags,” the SWO has it “play an important role to unit members in promotion of the same purpose and focus on similar goals. A unit flag gives a sense of belonging”. Additionally it gives unit identification; lets you know where you come from and where are you going; assists in discipline and behaviour; promotes the spirit of a soldier to fight for his or her unit; promotes esprit de corps; promotes unity with a common goal as a team; and differentiates units from one another.

The proposal is for the new flag to have a green background with the emblem (badge) in the centre.

A description of the Joint Operations logo reads “Beetle green – the encapsulation colour for the SA National Defence Force depicting the protection Joint Operations gives the nation. White – depicting protection, superiority, effectively, durability, service and force projection. Black – indicating jointness, aggression and fearlessness indicative of a higher order. Chili Red – the colour which depicts the SA Army. Steel Blue – depicting the SA Air Force. Union Jack Blue – depicting the SA Navy and ruby for the SA Military Health Service”.

The remaining elements are silver stars, symbolic of the hope, protection and service to the nation and the SANDF by Joint Operations, and a pair of swords – the symbol of authority residing in the headquarters.