CArmy sees Cuban automated shooting training


Cuban automated shooting is a new addition to the training syllabus of military skills development (MSD) volunteers who demonstrated for a high-level SA Army delegation including chief, Lieutenant General Lawrence Mbatha, at Infantry School.

The inclusion of what a SA National Defence Force (SANDF) LinkedIn post termed “innovative ways to maintain and improve force preparations levels” saw Mbatha’s delegation, which included CASSMs (Chief Army Senior Sergeant Majors) and CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) chief executive Dr Thulani Dlamini, visit the Infantry Formation’s premier training facility to experience it first-hand.

Cuban weapons training specialists, including Brigadier General Borjas Ortega, shared their “training philosophy and methodology” with Infantry School commanders, instructors and MSD trainees as part of force preparation. This, the posting states, will improve force preparation embracing technological advancement in the context of a worldwide phenomenon of declining defence budgets.

Cuban automated shooting is, the posting has it, classified combat shooting “which means it is more realistic to the typical battlespace of conventional forces”. Exposure to it will improve weapons training of the South African landward force bringing it in line with the SA Army motto “Training as we fight”.

The demonstration of the new skill was executed by the 2020 MSD intake’s Alpha Company.