Border patrols prevent illegal export of 24 vehicles


Soldiers patrolling South Africa’s land borders confiscated drugs, mostly dagga, and other contraband with a total value of over R9 million from smugglers aiming to make inroads into the illegal goods and substances markets in September.

The single biggest haul – over R8,5 million noted only by the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Directorate: Corporate Communication (DCC) as “contraband” but probably including cigarettes, liquor and drugs – was taken from smugglers illegally entering South Africa from Zimbabwe.

The other notable haul of contraband, this time dagga only, was on the Lesotho border with Eastern Cape. Here soldiers took R299 500 worth of the now legalised for own, private consumption narcotic from smugglers.

Soldiers deployed on the land borders with Eswatini, Mozambique and Zimbabwe prevented 24 stolen or hijacked vehicles leaving South Africa. The “busiest” border was Limpopo/Zimbabwe where soldiers intercepted 15 vehicles in September. Eight vehicles were prevented from landing up in Eswatini and one from Mozambique via the Mpumalanga border.

The number of illegals stopped and handed to police and immigration officials from the Department of Home Affairs was substantially down on previous months with a total of 481 compared to around 1 900/2 000 in July and August. Two hundred and nineteen Basuto were stopped by patrolling soldiers on the mountain kingdom’s borders with Free State and Eastern Cape with 114 Zimbabweans halted in their tracks.

No specifics are given by DCC for livestock recovered giving only a total number – 58 – and Rand value of 271 800 on the Lesotho/Eastern Cape border.