Australia’s Barrett Communications delivers radios to Egypt


Barrett Communications has delivered High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radio communications equipment to the Egyptian military as part of a United States funded programme.

Barrett this week said the project is split over multiple phases and will include radio communications equipment for ground, mobile and airborne applications. In the first phase of the programme, Barrett is providing the Barrett PRC-2080+ VHF equipment in the 5W handhelds and PRC-2082+ 50W vehicles systems.

The Barrett PRC-2090 is also being supplied as part of the mid to long range communications with the PRC-2091 mobile station and PRC-2092 base station systems. The PRC-2090 can be used for voice and data communication.

Barrett Communications CEO Andrew Burt said “our HF and VHF systems are already used in this country and this contract will further enhance the existing systems they are using. Our unique combination of products and system capabilities makes us an ideal provider for military and defence customer globally.”

Barrett Communications makes commercial and tactical HF and VHF radios and has provided HF communications solutions for government, business, humanitarian and aid organisations around the world for the last 40 years. Its HF and VHF radios are adapted to different applications, from manpack to mobile vehicle to base station configurations.

Barrett Communications has done business in Africa before – for example in 2013 it was awarded a three year contract to supply up to 750 HF transceivers to one of East Africa’s largest police forces and in 2016 it announced a contract to supply radios to an East African military, starting with its PRC-2090 Tactical HF manpack radios. In early 2017 Barrett announced it was supplying radios for armoured mobile air traffic control towers to be used in African peacekeeping missions.