Army’s Modern Brigade explained at CTC


The latest addition to the landward force of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) is the Modern Brigade, unveiled this week at the SA Army’s premier training facility in Northern Cape.

The Brigade is, according to the Directorate: Corporate Communication (DCC), part of the overall mandate of the Army which is “to prepare and provide combat ready forces in line with the joint force employment strategy” the response to a defenceWeb enquiry has it. Part of this goes to officers and other ranks attendance at courses and programmes and this is where, according to the national defence force communicators, the Modern Brigade comes in.

“SA Army courses require practical exercises after theory has been presented,” the official response reads, continuing: “The intention of the Modern Brigade is to afford members who have attended these courses the opportunity to apply their acquired theory knowledge practically”.

That saw Major General SG Hlongwa, currently acting CArmy, speak at the Combat Training Centre (CTC) to (in the words of a SANDF LinkedIn post) make “a comparative analysis to scrutinise progress” on the Modern Brigade.

By way of background the two-star said what began as an insurmountable task (presumably making the Modern Brigade a reality) is now attainable thanks “to days and weeks of hard and smart work by determined and dedicated teams that demonstrated commitment to going the extra mile”.

Hlongwa said attention to detail remained a necessity as did the need for general officers commanding to move with “responsible speed” to an end-state where “well-thought-out and required levels of preparation relating to combat readiness requirements are met”.

He stressed the need for “appropriate costing” by commanders and planning staff with the rider that the required financial resources would be available. The process, according to Hlongwa, will be driven by “constant threat analysis” based on the Army mandate. This has the landward force providing combat ready forces for “national defence and the prevention of war to achieve national and regional security goals”.

Last month soldiers and other military personnel at Marievale military base on Gauteng’s East Rand were told the Modern Brigade would support SA Army learning programmes including those for integrated sub-unit commanders and the Junior Command and Staff Duties and Operational Duties courses by year-end.

In June 65 SA Army junior officers completed an integrated sub-unit commanders’ learning programme at Lohathla, rated the world’s third largest military training area by SA Army SSO Corporate Communications Colonel Sammy Mosiane.