Armscor looking to set up facility for ballistic research


A current Armscor tender, if awarded, will see enhancement of ballistic services offered by the State-owned defence and security acquisition agency.

The tender, referenced R&D/AD-2019/029, is for a feasibility study and preliminary implementation of a ballistic research facility. Indications are a ballistic research facility could be built at Gerotek, the Armscor vehicle testing facility west of Pretoria. Closing date for submissions is 4 September and a compulsory pre-tender meeting was held at Gerotek earlier this month.

In response to defenceWeb questions, Armscor indicated the ballistic research facility (BRF) is planned to be operated by its armour development section. This, African Defence Review (ADR) director Darren Olivier said would effectively make it an upgrade of the services currently available from armour development which has “a steady stream of income from vehicle and personal armour manufacturers”.

“Existing facilities are not up to the needs of incoming contracts, so the Gerotek facility could consolidate them into one place with current generation measurement capabilities,” he said with a warning not to overspend as it “should be self-supporting in terms of incoming commercial revenue”.

Armscor Acting Group Executive: Corporate Support Advocate Ndodomzi Mvambo said the proposed BRF would enhance current armour development services to the level of providing ballistic services “not currently available in South Africa”.

“The aim is to install state-of-the-art equipment,” he said adding “the project is at planning phase and generation of CAPEX is underway”.

The planned facility will be operated by Armscor armour development for own research and development, but will be available to industry as an Armscor revenue producing component.

The proposed BRF looks to be wholly defence and security oriented with Mvambo stating the “likelihood of this service being supplied to other sectors is minimal”.