Algeria will reportedly produce Boxer vehicles under license


Algeria looks set to start producing Boxer infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) under license from next year, alongside Fuchs-2 armoured vehicles.

A Boxer took part in manoeuvres on 2 May in the east of the country, with the type about to be put into license production, reports Mena Defense, with production to start in 2020 at the same site as where Fuchs-2 vehicles are manufactured (in 2014 Algeria signed a 2.7 billion euro deal for the production of 980 Fuchs-2 vehicles and is believed to have ordered components for additional vehiclees). Armoured steel and other components will be imported and assembled in Algeria.

A Boxer vehicle was seen in January 2018 during a parade at the Blida logistics base that was attended by military Chief of Staff Ahmed Gaid Salah. It has been speculated that the Boxer will replace the Algerian military’s BTR 60 and BTR 80 vehicles.

The 8×8 Boxer, manufactured by Rheinmetall, has been designed as a modular vehicle that is able to carry out a wide array of different roles, with interchangeable mission modules. These include ambulance, armoured personnel carrier, cargo, battle damage repair, engineering, and infantry fighting vehicle. Options include a 155 mm gun, unmanned turret, Lance cannon turret, high energy laser and anti-aircraft weapons. The vehicle weights between 24 000 and 38 000 kg, depending on configuration.

The Boxer can withstand anti-personnel and ant-tank mines under the wheels or sides and can apparently withstand 14.5 mm armour piercing ammunition. A 720 hp MTU diesel engine drives an automatic transmission, giving a top speed of around 100 km/h and range of over 1 000 km.

Algeria is a major customer for German military hardware, and this includes two Meko A200 frigates ordered from Thyssen-Krupp in 2012 and SUVs and trucks from Daimler. Many of these vehicles are manufactured locally by the Algerian Company of Vehicle Manufacturing (SPA SAFAV-Tiaret) and include Mercedes Benz G class and Sprinter models for the Algerian defence, national security and justice ministries. Algeria also produces Mercedes Zetros, Actros, Unimog, Ategor and Axor vehicles.