Algeria to indigenously develop weapons and ammunition


The Algerian military aims to indigenously develop its complex weapons, according to a Presidential decree.

The decree, published in Algeria’s official journal in July, authorises the Algerian military to create “a Technical System Development Establishment” responsible “for the studies, the design, engineering and manufacturing of weapons and specific ammunition.”

The establishment (EDST) will be based in Magra in eastern Algeria.

Local companies that are expected to participate include the National Office for Explosive Substances (ONEX), ERIS (which manufactures ammunition) and the Algerian Joint Venture for Electronic Systems Manufacturing (SCAFSE).

According to the decree, “the establishment may undertake any marketing by buying, selling, importing and export, which may be related to its object and development.”

MenaDefense expects the new establishment to produce missiles, including surface-to-surface and air-to-surface weapons. The publication notes that in October 2018 Algeria’s defence ministry launched a facility to produce large calibre ammunition. Algeria has also partnered with Italy’s Leonardo to locally manufacture helicopters.

Algeria has been making efforts to grow its defence industry, which has since the 1990s been making small arms (through the Khenchela Company of Mechanical Constructions [ECMK]) and ammunition (Seriana Company of industrial achievements [ERIS]). Since the mid-1970s ONEX has been producing ammunition, hand grenades, anti-tank mines and explosives.

Algeria’s military industry also makes vehicles and light aircraft under license whilst ECRN makes patrol boats and corvettes.