Air force and Army promotions


Senior rank numbers in the SA Army and SA Air Force (SAAF) increased by 25 this week with promotions to colonel and one brigadier general.

Newly minted SAAF colonels and their postings are: Colonel I. Grobler (SSO Command and Command Personnel Development at Air Command); Colonel D Reddi (OC 5 Air Servicing Unit); Colonel C.M Chiloane (SSO Operational Support Information System Management at Air Command); Colonel R.M Moropane (SSO Foreign Relations at Air Command); Colonel J.G Stegmann (SSO Logistics Development at Air Command); Colonel V. Mose (OC Air Publication Service Centre); Colonel P.G Moodley (PSO for CAF); Colonel J.F Schoeman (SSO Integrity at Air Command); and Colonel M.J Mathonsi (SSO Projects).

A SAAF report has it the new colonels pledged “to serve South Africa with loyalty and honour, to discharge their application with enthusiasm and diligence and set a good example to junior personnel and those operating under their command”.

The “induction ceremony” for the new additions to the senior ranks of the blue uniformed service was presided over by acting CAF Major General MO Mcetywa.

Not many metres from SAAF headquarters, a similar “ceremony” took place at the headquarters of the landward force with acting CArmy, Major General René Mercuur, doing the honours.

Colonel Sammy Mosiane, SSO Army Corporate Comunication, reports the two-star general saying to the newly minted colonels and one-star they were selected for appointment and promotion in various capacities in the Army “broadly at divisions of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) and external appointments as military attachés”.