After SAAF firefighting deliveries, Marce continues apace with sales


Firefighting and emergency response vehicle manufacturer Marce has delivered dozens of its Rhino firefighting vehicles to the South African Air Force (SAAF) and continues to sell the series to other customers.

Several years ago, Marce concluded the delivery of 27 Rhino vehicles to the SAAF, at the rate of two per month. The SAAF, under Project Bandsman, received the 6×6 version (it is also available in 4×4 and 8×8) with a locally built cab and water tank as well as custom driveline with a 680 hp Deutz engine.

The Rhino chassis is fully assembled at the Marce workshop in Centurion. It features a two-door cab for a driver and crew of four. Standard fit is a Mamba 6 roof-mounted suppression system with a capacity of up to 6 000 litres per minute. Water capacity is 12 000 litres plus 1 500 litres of foam. The Rhino can be fitted with an infrared camera on the roof for a better view of a fire.

Rhino vehicles are now in service with five countries, including Namibia, Lesotho, and India.

In recent years, Marce also delivered six hazmat vehicles to the SAAF, which are based on Mercedes Benz Atego 1428 trucks with 280 hp engines. They have a double cab with seating for six and carry hazardous materials equipment.

Armscor also placed a contract with Marce for the delivery of eight firefighting vehicles for use at the South African National Defence Force’s bombing ranges.

Marce has also developed a 6×6 vehicle based on a Land Cruiser chassis. This can be used as a troop carrier, firefighter or patrol vehicle. It can carry 3.5 tons of payload and could be fitted with a weapon on the back if required. The heavily customised vehicle costs R2.5 million.

Recent deliveries include six 4×4 custom pumper firefighting vehicles (4 000 litres/minute pumping capacity) for Cape Town, and a new vehicle has been tested at the Gerotek vehicle testing facility West of Pretoria – Transnet is getting 18 of these vehicles.