Aerospace & Defence Masterplan implementation coordination tender issued


The implementation of South Africa’s Aerospace & Defence Masterplan is slowly moving forward, with the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) issuing a request for proposals (RFP) for monitoring and coordinating the implementation of the masterplan.

The RFP, which had a closing date of 28 June, noted that the South African aerospace and defence economy has been identified by the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) now in the Reinvigorated Industrial Strategy (RIS) as one of the 151 priority South African economic sectors for support and development.

“As a result, a Masterplan for this sector is required to protect and create jobs; deepen sector capabilities; expand exports; and prepare for policy change and related impact,” the RFP sated. The Minister of Public Enterprises has been tasked by Cabinet to oversee the implementation of the Aerospace & Defence Masterplan, which has a vision to re-purpose and transform the aerospace and defence industry. Repurposing will be achieved by increasing market access; localisation; increasing industry competitiveness; and developing human capital.

Under the RFP, the Department of Public Enterprises requested bidders to submit proposals for the coordination and reporting on the implementation of the Aerospace & Defence Masterplan. The service provider will coordinate the activities of the workstreams of the Masterplan, generate reports and arrange meetings of the for the Steering Committee on a quarterly basis or on request, and prepare meetings of Executive Oversight Committee (EOC).

The appointed service provider will be expected to arrange workshop sessions with key defence and aerospace stakeholders; facilitate timely execution of allotted tasks to workstreams and the Masterplan Steering Committee; deliver progress reports; brief the Director General’s Office of Masterplan implementation and challenges; manage Masterplan delivery processes; secure the buy-in and active participation of stakeholders; and deliver quarterly reports.

Project duration is nine months and the service provider will be tasked with facilitating engagements, meetings and workshops with stakeholders with the DPE providing support.

Necessary skills include stakeholder relations management, project management, business and systems integration, knowledge of the defence sector etc.

The Aerospace and Defence Masterplan was adopted in October 2020. It has developed a number of clear goals and plans of action for the stabilisation and development of the sector. The first pillar of the Masterplan is increasing market access and this includes doubling South African defence exports by the end of 2025. The second pillar aims to further government-to-government marketing and help increase export earnings and position South Africa as the regional centre of excellence for maintenance, repair and overhaul and the supplier of choice for commercial unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing and operations, and armoured vehicles.

Other programmes include increasing the budget for the Special Defence Account, stabilising Denel, engaging National Treasury on the defence budget, establishing a maintenance, repair and overhaul Centre of Excellence in the OR Tambo special economic zone, replacing imports of selected products, implementing home build programmes and implementing catalytic space programmes. One of the biggest projects is the establishment of the Centurion Aerospace Village to increase the competitiveness of the local commercial aerospace manufacturing industry.

Amongst other Masterplan initiatives are enhancing funding and finance support mechanisms for the industry, developing human capital, commercialising South African intellectual property and developing a South African Advanced Research Projects Agency.