ADI Mechatronics and Mavtech partner on fuel cell technology


Tyre pressure, automation and driveline control specialist Mavtech Technologies have partnered with South African company ADI Mechatronics on industrialising fuel cell technology for electronic drive applications.

The two companies have entered into a cooperation agreement with regard to generating power for electric vehicles by means of hydrogen fuel cells, which Mavtech Technologies will produce.

ADI Mechatronics is a relatively new company, established in 2021, that specialises in electronic control solutions, control software and the design and development of electric vehicle drive systems. It is headed up by Managing Director Thaakir Aricum, who was previously employed by Denel Vehicle Systems as a design engineer.

Mavtech Technologies was established in 1995 to offer vehicle control solutions to the South African vehicle manufacturing industry. It has built up well over two decades of experience supporting various Central Tyre Inflation Systems (CTIS) and recently launched its own Tyre Pressure Control system. It has supported tyre pressure control systems on more than half a dozen vehicles, including the DCD Protected Mobility Husky and Denel Land Systems G6.

The company has over the years designed, developed and supplied a long list of Vehicle Auxiliary Control Systems tailored to customers’ requests. These systems range from basic features such as air horns and steering wheel height adjustment locks to more complex Vehicle Drive Line Control Systems which include intelligent safety interlocking features. These features have been installed on a wide range of South African designed vehicles destined for the international market.