Public Order Policing 2011 – Programme – Day 2


Public order policing in a changing African political environment
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Day two: 4 October 2011
08:00 Arrival & registration
08:30 Opening & welcome: David Peddle, programme director, defenceWeb
08:40 The changes wrought to the SAPS public order police unit from 2006, and what is required to make them function at an optimal level once again
alt Bilkis Omar
Research Consultant: Policing, Crime & Security
African Research Insight
The presentation will show by examining the past history of public order policing in South Africa, what and how the police need to do to be able to operate in the increasingly complex world South Africa lives in, with regard to public order situations.
09:10 The role and functioning of public order policing today
alt Brig. Happy Schutte
Provincial head, operational response service
The role and functioning of public order policing in South Africa today.
09:40 Panel discussion
10:20 Tea & networking
10:50 The public gatherings Act 2000 – should it change?
  Sean Tait
African Police Civillian Oversight Forum

Presenting with

Professor Monique Marks
University of UKZ-N

The key questions to be explored are: why has this reversion to violence occurred in the policing of public order? Has the nature of demonstrations changed? Is our gatherings legislation no longer equipped to deal with new demands? Have we neglected building the capacity and skill of crowd marshals and the ongoing training required by the police? Has there been a gradual erosion of police public order capacity through the ongoing restructuring that has taken place within the public order police unit? Has the shift to a more ‘tough on crime’ approach led to a decline in sensibility of peaceful outcomes within the police?
11:30 When human rights congregate with public order policing – an African perspective
alt Ilyayambwa Mwanawina
Public law & legal philosphy, faculty of law, NWU
12:00 Police service training for a new era
  Col. Feizal Ally
Col Ally will take a look at SAPS training methods and how they relate to modern South African conditions as well as new weapons and ammunitions and show the connection with the practical realities on the ground.
12:40 Panel discussion
13:20 Lunch & networking
14:20 The appropriate use of less lethal weapons and restraint technologies in public order policing
  Abi Dymond
Omega Research Foundation
This presentation draws on research conducted for, and present some of the preliminary findings of, a European Commission funded project on the appropriate use of force and policing technologies. It presents a set of interim recommendations for law enforcement policy makers-and other interested audiences-which aim to concretely apply international soft law, such as the Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms, to a range of less lethal and restraint technologies in use today, including for public order purposes.
15:00 Rheinmetall Denel Munition demonstration: less than lethal crowd control solutions
  Bruce Botma, Willie Erasmus, Marius De Bruin
15:40 Panel discussion
16:20 Final thoughts from the chairman
17:00 Conference closing