Imperial Armour launches new EOD suit at IDEX


Specialist personal protective equipment manufacturer Imperial Armour has launched a new explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) suit at IDEX currently underway in Abu Dhabi.

Louisa Garland-Els, the Managing Director of Imperial Armour, said the Version 8 (V8) EOD suit together with front blast plate are able to withstand fragmentation traveling at 1 700 metres per second.

The suit, which weighs close to 30 kg, covers all major areas of the body that could be life threatening, including groin, chest and neck. Full protection for the wearer’s front and back is an integral part of the EOD suit. A cooling system allows for four hours of operation in hot weather.

The helmet, which can withstand a blast travelling at 610 metres per second, features a built-in headlight, microphone and cooling fan. A communications system is fitted to the back of the jacket, and includes a 105 metre communications reel.

Garland-Els said the response to the new EOD suit has been overwhelming – in fact, the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces have made a request to test the suit.

Imperial Armour has done a great deal of business in the United Arab Emirates, completing three large contracts (including delivery of 6 500 riot helmets). An additional order for demining suits with visors is due to be received next week.

Garland-Els said that her company is growing at around 25% a year and orders are flooding in. At present, there is much demand for protective equipment from maritime security companies, who place three to four orders a week.

Imperial Armour specialises in personal protection equipment, with ranges covering all fields where protection is required, including fire and rescue, riot control, VIP protection, de-mining etc. Since formation in 2000, the company has exported to over 75 countries.

Imperial Armour has just completed a contract with Algeria for helmets. Other African customers include Niger, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and the United Nations.