ICP debuts 6×6 armoured recovery vehicle at IDEX


Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP), the Pretoria based manufacturer of Reva armoured vehicles, debuted its new 6×6 armoured recovery vehicle in the Middle East at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) last week.

The Reva VI armoured recovery vehicle was first launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition in September 2012. It is powered by a six cylinder turbo diesel delivering 273 kW, giving the vehicle a top speed of 85 km/h. It features ballistic protection to B7 standard and landmine protection to Stanag 4569 Level 4B.

Nadine Rynners, Managing Director of ICP, told defenceWeb that the Reva VI was conceptualised because a 4×4 vehicle does not have the power to recover armoured personnel carriers. It is the company’s first 6×6 vehicle.

The vehicle was on prominent display at IDEX in Abu Dhabi as the Middle East is a focus market for ICP, which has sold 172 vehicles to Yemen’s armed forces and 30 to the United Arab Emirates. Rynners told defenceWeb that at IDEX her company had received many enquiries, including from Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Libya. “IDEX is definitely successful for us. It has always been important to have a good presence here where our focus is. We would like to expand to the rest of the world but the idle East is our core area.”

ICP started out producing armoured vehicles for the United States government in Iraq, delivering 210 vehicles to that country. Over the last nine years the company has developed nine different vehicles and continues to invest in research and development – Rynners said the company is entering a new phase, developing vehicles like the 6×6. ICP is presently looking at developing a special forces vehicle.

Rynners said that the Reva III 4×4 is the company’s most popular vehicle, especially as it has been combat proven in Iraq. In Thailand, a Reva survived a 20 kg bomb and was back in service some weeks later. The Royal Thai Army has ordered more than 200 vehicles. So far, 600 Reva IIIs have been produced.

Rynners added that although ICP is based in South Africa, there is not much happening in the local market, although she would like to become involved in Project Sepula, which aims to replace Mamba and Casspir armoured vehicles.

However, ICP has received its first South African order, from Anglo American. It is currently executing a contract to provide Reva III vehicles at Anglo’s platinum mines in South Africa.

ICP’s lineup includes the Reva III, IV and V armoured vehicles, Reva VI armoured recovery vehicle, Reva SUV and Reva Scavenger mining vehicle.

The Reva V is ICP’s flagship and the biggest armoured vehicle in its range, with seating for up to two crew, ten passengers and two gunners. It was developed as a top quality vehicle for Saudi Arabia. Equatorial Guinea has just bought 25 Reva III and Vs.