Denel signs mortar marketing agreement with International Golden Group


Denel Land Systems and UAE-based company International Golden Group (IGG) today signed an agreement for the exclusive marketing of Denel’s 60 mm mortar system in the Gulf region.

Johan van der Westhuizen, Senior Manager Marketing at Denel Land Systems (DLS), told defenceWeb that the agreement gives IGG exclusive rights to market the M6 60 mm long range mortar system in the Gulf area. The M6 mortar has a 6 km range.

Sanusha Reddy, Communications & Marketing Manager for Denel Dynamics, said that Denel has had a fantastic, “very positive” response at IDEX so far. She said that apart from the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition held in South Africa every two years, IDEX is the biggest show for Denel.

The company has a wide array of its products on display at IDEX 2013. “We have identified the Middle East as one of the primary regions for our new marketing drive to grow Denel’s business,” said Riaz Saloojee, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Denel. “At IDEX we will have an opportunity to put some of our flagship products on prominent display and speak directly to potential clients.”

Denel has maintained strong relations with clients in the Gulf region for many years. The G6 self-propelled artillery system, manufactured by Denel Land Systems, is currently in use by the defence forces of the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Denel Land Systems is displaying scale models of its recently upgraded G6-52. This self-propelled Gun-Howitzer has been upgraded with an increased firing range and ability to fire up to eight rounds per minute.

The company’s range of turret systems that can be fitted to armoured fighting vehicles is also being demonstrated to visitors. Last year, Denel signed a R3.5 billion contract with Malaysia to supply turrets and integrated weapon systems to be fitted to 8X8 armoured vehicles.

Infantry weapons on display include the 20 mm NTW-20 anti-materiel rifle, SS77 general-purpose machine gun, SS77 Compact machinegun and GLI-40 (AGL) grenade launcher. Denel PMP is marketing the locally developed Neopup 20 mm Personal Area Weapon (PAW) which fires bursting munition. The Neopup is a semi-automatic grenade launcher that is carried and fired by a single rifleman and is effective at distances of up to 1 000 metres.

A scale model of Denel’s new Seeker 400 tactical unmanned aerial vehicle is on display at the Denel stand while a Seeker II operated by the UAE is on display at the NAVDEX pavillion. Denel Dynamics is also showcasing a range of its tactical missile products – the Mokopa anti-armour system, the Umkhonto-IT surface-to-air missile and the Ingwe laser-guided anti-tank missile.

Denel has debuted the Al-Tariq precision-guided bomb kit at IDEX as the first product jointly developed by Tawazun Dynamics. In September 2012, Denel Dynamics announced a joint venture with Tawazun Holdings, an investment and defence manufacturing company, owned by the government of Abu Dhabi. The new company, Tawazun Dynamics, is the Middle East region’s first facility for the development, manufacture, assembly and integration of precision-guided systems for conventional air munitions.