Border Control 2011 – Programme – Day 2


Towards an effective border environment
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Day Two – Wednesday, 9 March
07:30 Arrival and registration
08:00 The border environment: A new strategic approach
Dr Francois Vreÿ
Lecturer & Subject Chair Military Strategy Department Faculty of Military Science
University of Stellenbosch
Dr Vreÿ will endeavour to show to the audience the linkage that exists between the border reality of South Africa and the many philosophical and possibly academic studies done on the so called new generation wars or hybrid wars where the population in the target area are affected by a dissident grouping who for their own ‘political ‘ reasons attempt to sway the population of that area to side with their particular political/philosophical approach. The South African reality obviously differs from most countries but there is much to learn from others mistakes and approaches. This presentation will guide us in this direction.
08:40 The border environment: from the outside in
Helmoed-Römer Heitman
defence analyst
Heitman will discuss the borderline in the context of the trans national crime that flows across our borders in frequent surges of crime and he will discuss the implications this has from the strategic view point as the crime has influence across all the borders and directly affects the economic wellbeing of the SADC.
09:10 A technological approach to the borders
CSIR official speaker to be confirmed
The CSIR is at the forefront of technological advances in South Africa and consequently is involved as has been the case for many years in helping the security department to more effectively deploy along the difficult and at times damgerous borders. CSIR will showcase their thinking on this regard.
09:50 Tea and networking
10:05 The SA Army: The challenge of the border environment
SA Army officer to be confirmed
The role and functions of the SA Army with respect to the land borders has changed over the years. The modern challenges even more so. The way that the SA Army wishes to rise to meet this challenge will be the subject of this talk.
10:35 Agriculture in the border environment

Kobus Breytenbach
Deputy chief of security


Agri SA has an interest in the well-being of their members along the RSA borders. An overview on the different border situations and how it affects agriculture will be provided. It’s members contribution in assisting to improve border control will be discussed briefly
11:05 A commercial view of border control
Emanuel Diakakis
Mr Diakakis will bring us all back to reality of the necessity of why an effective border control system must be in place as commerce cannot function in a criminal vacuum. He will show the audience the role that the SA Banks and the insurance industry play in the SA Border environment and indeed how business is able to lead the way in producing a safer and effective border environment.
11:45 Panel discussion including border depts
12:25 The importance of a logistic strategy


James Kerr
Project Manager
Rheinmetall MAN

Rheinmetall will demonstrate to the conference the value of sound planning in the border environment in so much as that no force can be projected nor indeed sustained in an area if the logistics behind it are not up to scratch. Kerr will look at the effective use of transport to illustrate this approach and demonstrate the necessity of good logistic planning, often a serious weak point in our deployments.

12:55 Lunch and networking
13:25 UAVS in the border environment
Jonathan Fouché
Programme Manager: Seeker 400
Denel Dynamics
Unmanned aerial vehicles can be a force multiplier in the border environment.
13:55  A non-traditional Integrated Airborne ISR Approach to supporting Border Security operations
alt Geoffrey Quick


Dragoon technologies and the African Space Institute
14:25 Tea break and networking
  UAS, the role function of a vital border control system
James Masey
UAS Business Development Director, ME & Africa AAI Corporation
UAS as a part of the Overall Situational Awareness Network where the presentation will look amongst other aspects at UAS Categories- The “One System” Approach to UAS – GCS and RVT as well as aspects of UAS Missions and Operations and finally some tactical Operational Lessons Learnt. In concluding a brief overview will be given to the role fixed-wing vs. VTOL and finally business models and Indicative Costings.
15:45 Cooperative and collaborative approach when dealing with border and area security
  alt Butiki Shabangu
Technical Director
The essence of the presentation will be to show how a holistic view of the border area problem can lead to benefits in the design of the solution, i.e. the involvement of all the required parties from the onset. The presentation will also show the lessons learnt from the previous encounters.
16:15 Panel discussion
16:55 Conference closing