Reutech ready for AAD


The Reutech group will again be at Africa Aerospace & Defence (AAD) to showcase successful developments completed over the past two years.

“Our objective is to give clients a one stop overview of the wide range of products and services we offering and give them a chance to meet our staff on a personal level. The group has made considerable progress in the fields of tactical communications, radar and remote turrets,” said chief executive Peter van der Bijl.

Products on display at the show will include Reutech’s new tactical communications network suite and airborne radio, Ngada border surveillance radar, StealthRad mobile radar, FMCW optronics radar tracking system, new low-cost security radar solutions and the new 20mm naval Rogue turret.

Highlights achieved during the past year include the delivery of the final RSR 210N radars to the Norwegian navy, the demonstration of the DBRXL radar in guidance of missiles to extended range, stronger exports of HF radio solutions to Asia and the improvements in longer term Rogue export commitments for both land and naval domains.
“We are excited about our recent international partnership agreements on Rogue turrets and our new prospects for supplying unified enterprise communications, which will also be on show at AAD,” van der Bijl said.