Hovercraft company coming to AAD


British company Griffon Hoverwork will be promoting its hovercraft at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show next week, having established a requirement for such vessels in Africa.

The company said that Africa is a new market, but it has been in contact with some business partners in Nigeria and have established a need for hovercraft. The capabilities of hovercraft will be introduced at AAD with the aim of developing potential in Africa.

Griffon Hoverwork have been in operation for decades and offer a variety of hovercraft between 7 and 30 metres in length. Hovercraft offer many advantages compared to boats, vehicles and aircraft – by floating on a cushion of air, hovercraft are able to operate on most flat surfaces, such as shallow water, ice, vegetation, mud and flood plains that are inaccessible to other vehicles.

Roles include logistical support, mobile medical clinics, oil spill response, passenger operations, search and rescue, hydrographic and survey work.

Griffon Hoverwork says its vessels are faster than most conventional marine vessels, and are capable of travelling up to 45 knots with a full payload. The company adds that they are cheaper than helicopter and environmentally friendly as they don’t produce a big wake or penetrate the water.

Griffon Hoverwork has formed a new partnership with high speed boat manufacturer Cougar Powerboats, which has built record breaking race boats of all types – up to and including the Class 1 World Offshore Powerboat championship boats, offering very fast (100+ knots) monohull and catamaran boats to the military and para-military market.