Tellumat to display its technologies at AAD


South African defence and communication electronics company, Tellumat, will be exhibiting its defence, air traffic management, communications and electronic manufacturing technologies at Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) later this month.

Tellumat said its focus for the 2012 edition of AAD (19-23 September) is on two core capabilities, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) avionics. “The primary goal is to stage our pure defence, aerospace and air traffic management portfolios, as well as Tellumat Communication Solutions’ professional services”, said Brian Ferguson, Marketing Manager for Tellumat Defence.

Tellumat Defence will launch its latest addition to its family of IFF products, the PR-4000 IFF interrogator. This medium to long range 19″ rack-mounted IFF / Mode S interrogator offers compatibility with various cryptographic computer types, the company said.

On the UAV avionics front, Tellumat Defence continues to be optimistic. David Jackson, UAS Product Manager, believes UAV avionics growth will persist and even improve over the coming years.

Tellumat will use AAD 2012 as a platform to announce the arrival of their most recent customised UAV avionics range. The Flight Mission Computer (FMC), designed with capabilities that can handle communications, payloads and failures does everything that a commercial FMC can do and is compatible with any commercial UAV.

On display will be Tellumat Defence’s new Sensor Pack, combining all sensor elements into one box, offering clients a complete GPS/Inertial Navigation System (INS) product. It weighs less than 400 g and can be accommodated by any UAV size between 5 kg and 450 kg.
“Everything around a UAV is mass-based – it is the single biggest driver apart from the cost. Together our FMC and Sensor Pack can save about 18 kg and thus provide 24 litres of additional fuel depending on the UAV”, said Jackson.

The DL-5000, a 3 kg light-weight payload data link unit, will also be on view. It can provide long-distance radio capability and is aimed at small commercial UAVs currently in the market which are unable to manage data links.