BAES to deploy new turret to AAD


BAE Systems will next week show-case its new Self Defence Remotely Operated Weapon (SD-ROW) turret at African Aerospace & Defence, South Africa’s two-yearly military and aviation exhibition, to be held at AFB Ysterplaat in Cape Town.

The company says it has designed and developed the turret to enable vehicle crews to engage hostile targets without exposing themselves to harm. The SD-ROW, conceived for arming with a small calibre machine gun, was designed for simple installation and removal on a variety of soft-skinned, light armoured and mine protected vehicles with specific emphasis on logistical carriers.

Land Systems South Africa Managing Director Johan Steyn says the turret It can be operated by one crew member from under or behind cover and the weapon can easily be removed for personal use. “The SD-ROW turret is a cost effective solution for first-order defence for many types of operational vehicles, such as logistics transport carriers, lighter attack and other mine-protected vehicles and allows under-armour protected target engagement without exposing the gunner,” he says.

Depending on the selected weapon configuration, the SD-ROW turret is effective against enemy targets over a 600 metre range. It has “on-the-move” engagement capability and the gunner or driver can operate the weapon without changing their position.

SD-ROW Turret basic information:
* Height: 610mm
* Width: 470mm
* Weight: 65kg (including the weapon and 200 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition).
* Turret elevation angle: -20° to +80°.
* Turret travers angle: -135° to +135°.