BAE Systems to display best of British and SA at AAD


BAE Systems will be marketing its latest Hawk Mk 128 advanced jet trainer, now being delivered to the British Air Force and Navy and being promoted to the US Air Force, to the continental market at the African Aerospace & Defence, South Africa’s two-yearly military and aviation exhibition, to be held at AFB Ysterplaat in Cape Town from next Tuesday.

The Royal Air Force is currently taking delivery of 28 aircraft under the designation Hawk T.2.

In addition to the Hawk Mk128, a version of the South African Hawk Mk120 will also be on show at the Advanced Technologies and Engineering (ATE) stand. BAE Systems and ATE are jointly marketing this solution that offers customers the option of upgrading their earlier marks of Hawk (both 60 and 100/200 series) into the latest standard Lead In Fighter Trainer. A cockpit mock-up of the upgrade solution will also be on display.

Also on display will be a scale model of the BAe146M military transport aircraft. BAE Systems says the BAe146M is being promoted to African air forces “as a capable jet transport to replace ageing air transport aircraft that are in service across the continent. Some 500 transport aircraft are in service across Africa, of which around 40% are in excess of 30 years old.

The BAe 146M can also be used by air forces to complement existing fleets of tactical air transports (TacAT) such as the Lockheed Martin C130 Hercules by taking on a wide variety of non tactical AT roles, thereby prolonging the fatigue life of the TacAT assets. The BAe 146M, , has a performance versatility that allows it to undertake some of the more challenging air transport support roles, including operations from short and unpaved runways.

The Land Systems South Africa business will showcase its RG34, RG35 and RG12 vehicles, two newly developed turret systems, the Mobile – Fully Interactive Rifle Shooting Training (M-FIRST) system and two specialised transfer gearboxes.

These turret systems will include the newly designed Self Defence Remotely Operated Weapon (SD-ROW) turret. This light-weight weapon system is equipped with a small calibre weapon and designed for use on a variety of soft-skinned, light armoured and mine protected vehicles, BAE Systems says in a statement.

The RG34, a well protected 4×4 light vehicle with supreme tactical mobility and the integrated Tactical Remote Turret (TRT-25), make it ideally-suited for motorised infantry and various tactical battlefield roles. The TRT-25, which was launched at Eurosatory in Paris, France, in June, is a remotely operated turret designed specifically to provide self protection and ground fire support for Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs), Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs). The RG34 will also be fitted with an Explosive Resistant Display Equipment (EGRE) display from Rockwell Collins utilising BAE Systems’ digital mapping software. The system provides navigation and enhanced battlefield situational awareness.

The RG35 is a new 4×4 or 6×6 mine protected multi-purpose fighting vehicle optimised for both peacekeeping and conventional operations. The RG12 is a 4×4 armoured public order vehicle, in service with several police forces around the world, including the South African Police. This vehicle was recently used during the soccer World Cup tournament to ensure spectator safety.

The company’s Gear Ratio division has developed specialised transfer cases for the RG31 and RG32M vehicles. Both items will be displayed on BAE Systems’ stand.