Updated defenceWeb provisional events calendar 2009


The news diary is one of any editor’s most important tools in any editor’s proverbial bag. It guides news gathering, resource allocation and what the reader gets to see in print, also on defenceWeb.      

We have gone to some trouble to compile the diary that follows below, but one must always be aware that events are often postponed, cancelled or even arranged at the last minute. [This is why most editors are grey.] As a result we can place no guarentee on the accuracy of the information below. We do undertake, however, to update this diary as often as possible. 

Please let us know of any events that ought be on this diary and alert us to any detail we got wrong. The Editor 

February 2009
  • 22-26: IDEX, UAE
  • Ex Red Lion (SAN force preparation exercise)
  • C Army media breakfast
March 2009
  • 7-11: Sea power symposium, Cape Town 
  • 15: EUFOR Chad mandate expires.
  • 27-29: Navy festival
  • Ex Shield III (Gauteng & NW), World Cup preparation 
April 2009
  • 13 April-17 May: Ex Dorsay: Singapore, 44 Para Regt/AFB Bloemspruit. Support against payment.  
  • 15: Ban Ki-Moon to brief UNSC on UN PKO mandate for Somalia
  • 20-1 May: Ex Bell Buoy, Command Post Exercise, RSA-Indian-Pacific Rim, Coordination & Guidance of Shipping    
  • 20-24: Ex Golfinho: To test SADC Brigade capability, Command Post Exercise, Mozambique.    
May 2009
June 2009
  • *: 1st International Conference on Strategic Challenges for African Armed Forces for the Next Decade is held in Saldanha.
  • 1: UNSC to decide on Somali UN PKO mission   
  • ENSP graduation ceremony (tentative)
  • 14-28: FIFA Confederations Cup
  • 24-25: defenceWeb peacekeeping conference
July 2009
  • MSDS recruits report for duty
  • 20-23: MICCSA
August 2009
  • Ex Transoceanic 14: Navy “coordination and guidance of shipping”, SAN & Atlantic Rim navies. Command post exercise, SA. 
  • 18-19: defenceWeb Maritime Surveillance conference
  • Artillery “open day”
September 2009
  • Ex Transoceanic 14: Post exercise debrief, Chile.
  • 1-26: Ex Golfinho: To test SADC Brigade capability, full exercise, SA. 
October 2009
  • 13-14: defenceWeb Defence Interoperability conference
November 2009
·         7-8: Freedom of JHB, Remembrance Sunday
·         17-18: defenceWeb Force Preparation Africa
·         25-29: Army week
December 2009
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