Work! Labour! Toil!


You may perhaps have noticed I am not getting around to writing all that many editorials at the moment. It is not for a want of topics.

Alas, two weeks have elapsed since defence minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s budget vote and I have opined nary a word on it. I have no apology for that save to say I have been swamped with news. Facts, I believe, should triumph opinion; so I have largely concentrated my efforts there. I hope you do not mind too much.

We have done well in the news field. In the last week we (Palesa and I) have averaged 22 reports a day. The week before, that is the week Sisulu spoke, 36, many being verbatim reprints of ministerial speeches and responses. We are adding these to give an unedited account of what was said so that you may form a better view of the semantics and context. Also, to be frank, some speeches are important, but not really newsworthy. Thy deserve publication but perhaps not crafting into a news report. Ditto the many Parliamentary answers to questions we journalists receive but that never make it into the main media or only do so in highly abridged or mangled form. I think publishing them raw is a good idea and should be helpful to you. Let me know if it is….

A last note is that we have unhappily been experiencing turbulence with our Internet connection, code for the website being down more than I care to state. My sincere apologies. I hope it is not too much of an inconvenience. We are working hard with our Internet Service Provider(s) to fix this. Again, let me know what access issues you may have.

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