The Central Staff

Does the Department of Defence Central staff exist? If so, who is in charge of it?
These are two questions I have been asking the department for some months now, with no success. Indeed as late as last week a DoD spokesman was confused by the question and thought I meant the Corporate Staff of the South African National Defence Force.
I know what I meant.
Look on page four of the latest DoD Annual Report. There is an organogram, reproduced here, that depicts this rare bird.  
Page 217 of the same report informs that the structure has been around since 2006 when the “Minister of Defence approved the macro structure of the DOD, which was characterised by a central staff component” wedged between the SANDF and the Defence Secretariat.
Indeed this structure that groups the Human Resource, Defence Legal Services, Defence Inspectorate and Defence Foreign Relations Divisions has now been around so long, the Annual Report notes that its efficacy “is to be reviewed to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and accelerate service delivery of those divisions.”
A previous annual report said the structure had been created “to improve effectiveness and accelerate service delivery”.

What does it mean? One cynic suggests either the DoD has gotten good at keeping secrets or it is really poor at internal communications. If it`s the latter, the DoD is in good company