Summer break? Bah!

It is inescapable. 2008 is winding down. But that is no reason to rest on our laurels. 2009 is nearly upon is.
Air Force chief Lt Gen Carlo Gagiano, who has dominated these pages this week, is setting the pace. 2009 he, says, will be a very busy year for the Air Force: so much so, it will not find the time to attend air shows and other public relations exercises.
Gagiano says the year will kick-off with a World Cup preparatory exercise in Gauteng. Then follows the General Elections, the inauguration of the new president, the FIFA Confederations Cup and Exercise Golfinho, the Southern African Development Community brigade exercise. 2010 will bring no respite…
But not to jump ahead of ourselves… Next year will be equally busy for the other Services as well as the rest of the defence and security committee. News-wise it should be a good year for defenceWeb.
Our mission and vision remains the same, namely to do what it takes to become and then remain your preferred source of news, insight and fact on matters defence as well as security. We will be using our “staycation”, our stay-at-home-vacation, to tweak our product and prepare properly for the New Year.
But, dear reader, as editorial general I need your help. Generally, I`d appreciate you continuing spreading the word about our – mine as well as yours – product. defenceWeb belongs to me as much as it belongs to everyone who takes the trouble to visit our site and read our content.
It`s been two months since we launched, and our readership figures are looking good. But there are nearly a billion potential readers in Africa ad billions more elsewhere. We will never reach all, but can certainly try!    
Back from our flight of fantasy, I can also do with some specific help: More input on what we publish would be welcome; you can reach me at [email protected]. Looking ahead at 2009, remember to send me news releases and invite us to events. Book us early to avoid disappointment – send us your 2009 events diary now.
The sooner we know what`s happening, where and when, the quicker we can resource our coverage. Remember, defenceWeb is a dynamic interaction between its readers and writers. Your input is every bit as important as our output.  
Oh, our fax number is 086 504 9933 and the telephone is 011 807 3294 for those phoning in South Africa. For this further afield, the country code is ++27. 
Meanwhile, enjoy our coverage.