Seen at Seboka


That smartphones have become part and parcel of daily living is aptly shown in this photograph taken by defenceWeb images man Dylan Mohala during the Exercise Seboka open day.
defenceWeb wonders if these three soldiers were applying their minds to military matters, possibly utilising technology to make notes for their next course or assignment on the firepower demonstrated at the SA Army Combat Training Centre (CTC) in Northern Cape.

Had they read about the CSIR using this type of off-the-shelf technology for military applications or its implementation, jointly by Armscor and the CSIR, in CMORE, a situational awareness and support technology platform?

Our best answer would be negative on all three counts. The phones were probably Tweeting or Facebooking at max velocity on matters pertaining to the opposite sex or the latest in fashion. Anything but military matters which would be advantageous to their careers in uniform.

The firepower demonstration at Lohathla has been widely applauded as a good example of the proficiency and professionalism of the landward arm of the SA National Defence Force but it probably went completely unnoticed by the three soldiers in our picture.

Might be an idea for a sergeant-major to, in future, ensure those attending demonstrations and live fire exercises actually concentrate on what is happening in real time and not on what can be gleaned from social networks.