SANDF job scam an indictment of education in SA


That the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) has yet again had to warn jobseekers it is not currently recruiting is – in itself – a telling indictment of massive unemployment in the country.

Making the latest recruitment scam worse is its targeting of Special Forces.

This specialist component of the national defence force does not seek recruits from the public. It – rightly so in defenceWeb’s opinion – boosts its ranks with those already in uniform.

This is not an unknown as this publication stated in a May 2021 report “only Regular and Reserve Force (including military skills development recruits) soldiers are allowed to apply”.

Apart from job scammers preying on a largely unsuspecting and, in many instances ignorant, public they should at least know people don’t simply walk in off the street and join the elite at the sharp point of the landward force.

What to do?

Obviously the SANDF must continue warning those seeking work – a job rather than a career – in the armed forces against the social media scammers.

The second part of what to do is far, far more difficult and should see education standards massively improved. This will create a literate body of work seekers who hopefully have been exposed to sufficient stimulus at school to know the difference between a scam and a proper work offer.

defenceWeb is not holding its breath on this one!