Robbed by Gregory


The Gregorian calender, introduced by Pope Gregory XIII from 1582, has robbed defenceWeb of a small but significant achievement: breaching the 20 000 readers a month barrier.

Alas, was it a leap year, we would have achieved that feat. As it was, we had to settle for 19 644.

My thanks to everyone for your continued support. I think defenceWeb has made giant strides since launching at Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2008 on my birthday – September 17 – and we hope to make some more before the next AAD later this year.

As the date on the last editorial shows, it has been a while since then. Humble and sincere apologies… It has been a busy time with the national budget, Exercise Young Eagle and still ongoing cabinet cluster briefings. The defence budget vote, by the way, will be on May 4.

As I hope you have noticed, I’ve been busy, in the words of Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi, “unpacking” the defence budget vote as contained in the National Treasury’s Estimates of National Expenditure. I hope the articles generated have bee useful to you. Some, at least,made it into the “top stories for the last week, which is pleasing to see.

We have also published a slew more fact files, including some on SA Army units. A look at the back-end sees that some have attracted a good readership. Again, very pleasing. More are coming! Do keep reading!

Warmest regards