New feature on defenceWeb


defenceWeb’s backroom boffins have again improved the website. Those who missed the Border Control conference last month can now listen to the audio and download the presentations.

It can be found in the “Event Media Archive” under “Resources”. The plan is to put the same for all future defenceWeb events in this archive within a day or two of the event. Currently, it takes about a week to produce an event CD and much longer to distribute this. We hope this new feature will be of use to you.

Also updated with new photos is the Gallery. My thanks to Thinus de Klerk for the excellent photos taken at Gallipoli in Turkey – scene of dreadful fighting in 1915 – and in the Imperial War Museum in London. I look forward to viewing both in person, one fine day.

Lastly, for the record, according to ratings agency Nielsen, defenceWeb last month had 20 300 readers.