Industry does it right


Norbert Schulze, Rheinmetall Defence Munitions and the other companies that took part in this week’s “Defence Day 2011”, in fact two days, must be commended.

I can recall nothing like it in at least a decade. Indeed, the last such demonstration I recall was an adjunct to the DEXSA-range of defence exhibitions in the 1990s. Back then, Armscor would fly a load of interested visitors to Alkantpan for a day of live-fire exercises. I have always wondered why the current AAD-series have not retained this expensive, but rather necessary, marketing tool.

Indeed, it is one thing to say that your 155mm munitions can range over 60km. It is another to drive observers 63km to see this for themselves. Ditto 105mm ammunition. One ranged 33 133m and another 33 111m. Does any other 105mm munition from any other manufacturer even come close?

The same can be said for the terminal effects of 155mm pre-fragmented ammunition (versus conventional, random fragmentation), RDM’s 40mm grenades and Denel PMP’s 20mm Neopup ammunition.

As Schulze said: “… in the defence industry, seeing is believing, and there is no better sales exercise than to let our quality product talk for themselves on the testing ranges.” Exactly.

Here’s hoping for more…