Happy Birthday


defenceWeb is one year old today.

Launched with little fanfare a year ago at the Africa Aerospace & Defence show in a wet Cape Town, our young charge has since grown into a vibrant and sustainable business.

Starting from zero, our readership, as measured by renowned Nielsen Media Research organisation is approaching 10 000 and “page impressions”, meaning pages read every month are close to 40 000.

On average, defenceWeb now publishes 30 reports a day, up from five a day a year ago. This morning we published our 4070th news item. In addition to our own reporting, editorial and fact files, the reports are sourced from Reuters, the international news agency as well as the UN News Service and others.

Through them we are aiming to give you, Africa`s defence, diplomacy and security practitioners, accurate early warning of pending crises; detailed data on new technological, doctrinal and policy developments; as much information as is available about unfolding emergencies as well as full coverage of the continent`s many success stories.

The “top ten” reports the last year were:


Factfile: Public Service, SANDF, Police and Prisons rank and salary levels 2008    

SANDF recruits to undergo six months of BMT                                                                           

SANDF to take in new recruits                                                                                                         

Fact file: SA Special Forces training                                                                                                

Nqakula to Cuba                                                                                                                                 

ThyssenKrupp banks on inside edge for Biro, Millennium                                                         

Fact file: Rooikat armoured car                                                                                                         

Fact file: SANDF projects                                                                                                                  

SANDF to recruit 11 000 next year                                                                                                   

SA Navy has pick of litter for pending projects                                                                            

The reports show a mix of news and fact files, with the most read item being a Department of Public Service and Administration-supplied salary guide. Many readers dispute the figures but defenceWeb has yet to locate an authenticated alternative. In the meantime, it seems this one is nectar drawing in bees!  


Conspicuous among the news items are reports on recruiting, indicating a strong reader interest in information on joining the SA National Defence Force. This is strongly supported the volume of readers` comments: Nearly all are seeking recruiting information, data that is available on www.careers.mil.za for those who know it is there!

None of this would have been possible if not for our loyal industry partners who saw value in this venture and came aboard. Many, many thanks! Your contribution to an informed African defence debate has been, and remains, invaluable.   


defenceWeb was created with the intent of becoming and remaining the premier single source of news, views and facts on African defence and security matters for African defence and security professionals.

Whether we have done this is for you to decide.

Birthdays are not only joy and celebration. They are also for reflection and looking forward. We value your opinion. Please let us know.