defenceWeb goes mobi


defenceWeb is now optimised for mobile phones. Visit to see our latest offering. is what the Americans would call a preplanned product improvement or P3I. Arthur Goldstuck’s World Wide Worx last year put the South African Internet user base at 5.3-million (out of 49 million). By contrast up, to 9.5 million South Africans are able to browse on their phones. There is obviously some overlap between the two groups but the point is more South Africans can access the Internet using a mobile phone than can by personal computer (PC).

This is even more the case with the armed forces. The majority of military personnel possess mobile phones. Many of these would be so-called smart phones, capable of playing music, providing entertainment and browing the world wide web. By contrast, very few have PCs, laptop or desktop. If they d, it may be at home. If at the office, the PC is likely on the military intranet, meaning it cannot access the Internet or defenceWeb.

Obviously, mobile phones can browse the current website but that is optimised for big screens., by contrast, is optimised for the small screens of mobile phones. So enjoy.