defenceWeb 2.0


We today at about 2pm launch Version 2 of defenceWeb, or to use IT-geekspeak, dW 2.0. To misquote Pink Floyd from The Wall: don’t be frightened, it is not a passing phase, it is one of our good days (the original was slightly different).

As you will notice, the site looks slightly different and offers you more options, especially the ability to personalise portals.

Our backoffice boys have put in a lot of effort into refreshing our look and feel. I hope you like it. (There may be a few niggles. Please let me know so that we can expeditiously fix it.

As you may recall, defenceWeb is now 14 months old (dob September 17, 2008). We have grown tremendously since then and especially so in the last few months.

I’m pleased to say we last month had over 14 000 unique readers, up from just over 10 000 in September. This morning we had already powered past 15 000 and the month has some days left yet! Thank you very much for reading this and letting us onto your computer. 🙂