Careers in the SANDF


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For some reason – and my IT staff are investigating (or so they say) – all comments generate a n erroneous “request failed” warning. Believe me, all comments end in my email inbox almost immediately. I, however, first have to moderate them before publishing them, costly to prevent spam from getting through. Remarkably, some spam still get through the filters we employ.

So, please comment – and please ignore the “request failed” warning. Take my word for it, I get your comments. And Joomla (our web software) willing, I publish it as soon as I can. 🙂

Of interest is that the most frequent comment posted is requests from potential SANDF recruits seeking either application forms or seeking some news on the progress of their application. We are not an organ of the South African National Defence Force or of the Department of Defence, so we cannot help or answer such queries, save to say that the forms are at

Also cropping up with increased frequency are requests for SANDF or DoD telephone numbers. Clearly the demise of Telkom as our only source of telephony has had one unintended consequence – the erosion of the content and availability of telephone directories. Once ubiquitous, they are now scarce. Once filled with the numbers of government offices, including that of the SANDF, they now seem to offer little help.

It may be useful for the SANDF and DoD to make their numbers more publicly available, for – alas – defenceWeb does not have them either.