TAI flies Hurkus trainer


Turkish Aerospace Industries flew its locally developed Hurkus turboprop trainer for the first time yesterday at its facilities in Ankara, Kazan.

The Hurkus flew for half an hour and reached an altitude of 9 500 feet. TAI test pilot Murat Özpala, who flew the aircraft on its maiden flight, said that the aircraft handled well and as predicted. “I felt the power of the aircraft with the high take-off performance with its 1600 hp engine,” he said.

Flight testing will continue until the aircraft obtains its Type Certificate.

TAI rolled out the Hurkus in June 2012. It will be available in three different variants – the civilian Hurkus-A trainer, more advanced Hurkus-B for military training and Hurkus-C close air support model.

The Turkish Air Force is the launch customer, but other nations are believed to have expressed interest in the type.

According to TAI, the Hurkus has a maximum speed of 574 km/h and a stall speed of 143 km/h. The aircraft is capable of flying at a height of 15,000 feet and has an endurance of four hours and 15 minutes and a maximum range of 1 478 km. g limits are +7 and -3.5. The Hurkus-C will be able to carry a wide variety of weaponry.