Sukhoi has exported 2 500 combat aircraft


More than 2,500 Su-7, Su-17, Su-20, Su-22, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, Su-30 aircraft and their variants have been delivered to the air force of more than 30 countries since 1964, Sukhoi Joint Stock Company said on August 9.

The aircraft were delivered to different countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Over the past decades, as from 1996, the main export driver of the Su-family is the Su-30 multipurpose fighter and its different variants.

Sales of these aircraft together with contracts for airborne weapons and related equipment account for up to half of all foreign military supplies of the state arms export company Rosoboronexport.

In the last decade Sukhoi has noted an marked increase in the export of the Su-30, notably the Su-30MKK and Su-30MK2. A significant number have been exported to India (Su-30MKI).

At the moment the multi-purpose Su-35 fighter is undergoing testing. The aircraft has a number of 5th generation technologies. Its features a radar with an operating range of up to 400 km and a 14.5 ton engine with thrust vector control.

Production Su-35s for the Russian Air Force are manufactured at the Sukhoi’s KnAAPO factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Work on the export version of the 5th generation fighter — a prospective multi-functional fighter (PMI) is in progress together with the Republic of India. This aircraft also has a considerable export potential.