Successful first flight test for Arrow 3


The new Arrow 3 interceptor, which Boeing and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) are co-developing to enhance Israel’s ballistic missile defence, has successfully completed its first flight test.

Arrow 3 is the next-generation interceptor for the Arrow Weapon System jointly developed by Israel and the United States. It can be launched earlier and engage threats at higher altitudes outside the Earth’s atmosphere than previous interceptors.
“This successful test underscores the effectiveness of the decade-long co-operative relationship we have with IAI on the Arrow programme and other international missile defence initiatives,” said Jim Chilton, Boeing vice president and general manager of Strategic Missile and Defence Systems. “Boeing is proud to help advance the Arrow programme, which provides Israel with a proven asset in the country’s multi-tier anti-ballistic missile defence strategy.”

The test flight took place during a test of Israel’s national missile defence system conducted by the Israel Ministry of Defence and the US Missile Defence Agency.

The test saw the Arrow 3 interceptor launched from an Israeli test range and concluded with the interceptor being terminated over the Mediterranean Sea.

The Arrow system is the world’s first operational, national missile defence system. Prime contractor, IAI, is responsible for system integration and final interceptor assembly in Israel. Boeing, in addition to co-developing Arrow 3, provides several interceptor components for the in-service Arrow 2.