Israeli air strike hits Gaza militant base after rocket fired: military


An Israeli aircraft hit a site belonging to Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Sunday in response to a rocket that militants fired from the territory into southern Israel, the Israeli military said.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said the air strike hit a training base belonging to the group in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip but nobody was hurt.

No militant group had initially taken responsibility for launching the rocket. It landed in an open field and did not cause damage or injuries, an Israeli military spokeswoman said, Reuters reports.

Islamist militants in Hamas-ruled Gaza have fired intermittently at Israel in the past weeks despite a ceasefire reached after an eight-day conflict in November.

Israel has vowed to prevent the launches and often retaliates by bombing militant targets in Gaza. The last Israeli air strike on Gaza was on April 3, the military said. Militant rockets last landed in Israel on April 19.