Cyberattack on Mexican economy ministry


Mexico’s economy ministry detected a cyberattack on some servers but did not consider sensitive information to have been compromised and beefed up safety measures, it said in a statement.

It was the second high-profile cyberattack on the Mexican government after hackers demanded $5 million in bitcoin from national oil company Pemex in November, forcing it to shut down computers nationwide.

Providers were asked to temporarily isolate networks and servers, the ministry said, adding processing of forms would be temporarily suspended to protect their legal status.

“Following an extensive revision, some ministry servers have been identified as affected, mostly email and archive servers,” it added.

“The ministry’s sensitive information as well as that of its users is not considered compromised.”

It was not immediately clear if the cyberattack was accompanied by a ransom demand as was the case for Pemex. Companies taken hostage digitally can suffer catastrophic damage, regardless of whether they pay ransom.