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Submarine Support Documentation Evolves

In much the same way that maintenance is critical for flight safety on aircraft, effective maintenance on submarines is also an essential safety activity...

The importance of having good technical manuals

Technical manuals have been around since the invention of the first complex piece of equipment.  Manuals have always been motivated by the need to...

Keeping the skies safe – 35 mm Air Defence Artillery logistic support

In the late 1960s, the former SADF acquired a substantial quantity of Oerlikon 35 mm anti-aircraft guns, together with radar-guided, Super Vledermaus Fire Control...

SANDF 40mm Y4 multi-velocity grenade launcher logistic support

South African developer and supplier of defence and security products, Milkor, was recently awarded a contract to supply 40mm, handheld grenade launchers to the...

Computer-based training in the South African Army Engineer Formation

During troop deployments outside the borders of South Africa, it is critical for the health and well-being of our forces to have a clean,...

Sigma Logistic Solutions the largest technical documentation, support services supplier in SA

Sigma Logistic Solutions has been providing solutions to the commercial and defence industries for more than 30 years. Throughout this time, the company has...