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Alaris Antennas Foldable High-Power LPDA Antennas

Alaris Antennas has a new range of Foldable High-Power Log Periodic Dipole Antennas (LPDA)s which cover a wide range of frequency bands. The antennas...

Alaris Holdings Limited Financial Results for the year ended 30 June 2019

Alaris Holdings Limited released their financial year end results at an event at the JSE on Thursday, 26 September 2019. The Group performed exceptionally well...

Naval Monitoring Products (OMNI-A0205 & SYST-A0005)

Alaris Antennas manufactures Naval rated monitoring antennas. There are two approaches: Omni directional (OMNI-A0205) vs rotating high gain directional antennas (SYST-A0005). OMNI-A0205: This vertically polarised omni-directional...

A New Era for Alaris Antennas

It is with great excitement that we share the news that Gisela Heyman, the current Group Chief Financial Officer, has been appointed as Managing...

Marine DF & Monitoring System (DF-A0037 & OMNI-A0205)

The DF-A0037 and the OMNI-A0205 can be combined to create a Marine based rugged DF and Monitoring system. DF-A0037: The DF-A0037 is a wideband DF antenna...

Alaris Antennas presents spiral antennas

The antenna is designed to use two conductive spiralled arms, extending from the centre outwards. Alaris Antennas designs and manufactures a range of spiral antennas,...

Alaris’ new ESS equipment up and running

Alaris Antennas has recently acquired and installed specialised ESS equipment, which will allow the company to conduct a number of various environmental tests in-house. The...

Dominating a niche: The CEO Magazine article

Recently, Alaris was contacted by The CEO Magazine, which was keen to do an article on the CEO of Alaris. This international and distinguished...

Agile, customer-centric strategy helps Alaris Holdings expand its global footprint

Alaris Holdings' strategy of being a highly agile and trusted customer-centric advisor to global clients in the field of radio frequency technology, predominantly leading-edge...

Alaris Holdings releases stable interim financial results, strong organic growth

Local JSE AltX-listed technology holding company, Alaris Holdings (Alaris), released its interim financial results on 26 February. The continuing operations performed satisfactorily during the...


Armscor in-house expertise can generate revenue

Sweating Armscor assets, mainly property, was at one stage trumpeted as the way to eventually ensuring financial independence for the State-owned defence and security...